• We ensure that your wishes, your choices, your autonomy, as well as the advice of your loved ones are respected when you request it. No matter your age or where you come from.

Human Rights

The expression “Human rights” refers to everything making up human beings and which is most fundamental to all. These rights are enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Civil Code of Québec, the Universal Declarations of rights and specific declarations and laws relating to human rights.

Fundamental rights include:

  • right to life
  • right to personal integrity and inviolability
  • right to liberty and security
  • right to dignity
  • right to privacy

The expression, “Persons’ Law” refers to the protection and representation of minors, and adults whose ability to take care of themselves and / or administer their patrimony is in question. When this incapacity is noted, homologation of a protection mandate given in anticipation of the incapacity or institution of tutorship  (guardianship) may be considered.

Persons’ Law favors the interest of the individual, respect for their rights and for the safeguard of their autonomy. A conflict may arise between the goals of protecting and respecting autonomy. The law favors the appointment of a relative as the legal representative of a person.

Human rights form the basis of the recognition that a person deserves respect at all stages of his / her life. The biggest challenge is to enforce these rights.

Our field of practice favors the defense of rights in issues related to health, individuals and collectives. We also specialize in human rights for the elderly.