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Health Law

Health Law is made up of a set of legal rules applying to the organization and delivery of care services. Our practice focuses on the representation of users of the health care system whose rights have been violated or who have questions about any aspects of its functioning.

Our healthcare law practice has led us to express opinions and represent victims before the courts in the context of disputes involving varied and complex subjects related to medical malpractice and to the institutions supervising health professionals and their users. We also offer consultation in situations involving consent to care, a major issue in health law.

We are called upon to advise and defend a party in litigation involving civil liability of the following parties:

  • Organizational structures: hospitals, integrated centers (CISSS and CIUSSS), CLSCs, CHSLDs, etc.
  • Professionals: doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical companies: drugs, equipment, etc.
  • Government: organization, allocation of services, etc.
  • Ministries: role and responsibility, public health, immunization

Much of health law deals with civil liability lawsuits for bodily injury resulting from injuries or accidents in the health care setting. Each liability situation deserves a careful assessment and the input of experts. We assess medical negligence, personal injury, and resulting damages. We also look at ethical issues within the system.